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The Philosophy

Sweet Betty Jean pinups are about identifying what you love best about yourself. What makes you - you. From your quirky personality to your slammin' curves, your love of the outdoors to your favorite pair of heels. It's about embracing all that you are in this moment of your life - a strong, capable, passionate, sexy, creative and truly unique beauty.

After having my first child, I remember listening to a panel of women ranging in age from their twenties to seventies. The topic was beauty at any age; it was quite interesting to observe as the women expressed their many insecurities about weight, social pressures and everything else we women worry about. I was surprised to hear the most complaints coming from the youngest participant that was seemingly closest to the ideal woman projected in our media. As she continued listing off what she hated about her body, the woman in her sixties leaned forward and said,

‘Honey, everything you hate about your body now, you'll be nostalgic for when you're my age.’

That was the slap in the face I needed to get me out of the funk I was in about the changes in my own body after childbirth. It’s such a simple concept to understand but becomes a whole other challenge when hit with the harsh standards our society places on youth, weight and overall perfection.

The sexualization of women is nothing new, our bodies and appeal have been used to sell everything from cars to cheeseburgers for decades. As much as we fight it the image of the petite, busty blonde who's eager to please will always be a part of America's identity, thanks Hef. What's vitally important is to make sure it's not the only definition of beauty we've got. American women are endlessly diverse in their preferences, habits, loves, careers and body types. It's time to embrace all that we are and truly own it.

Stop internalizing the stereotypes and harshly judging yourself by an industry that banks on your failure. For too long our society fueled by the mass media has crushed the spirit of women. My American woman is fiercely independent, uniquely beautiful, strong in her values and confident in her abilities.

She owns her unique beauty.

It's knowing that your true value does not hinge on the size of your waist or the number of guys that check you out. True beauty is based on your zest for life, content of your character, love of community and relationships with others. How you've taken your natural talents and made them uniquely yours. Set yourself apart from our junk culture and made this life your own. Of course, all that boils down to one hot, zesty lady!

Please take note, that Sweet Betty Jean pinups are illustrations not photographs. They focus on the spirit of the subject and have a hell-of-alot-a fun doing so. They’re playful, ridiculously sexy and all about the tease. If you’re into that and you’re ready to treat yourself to an experience like none other – drop me a note.

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