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The Artist

Sweet Betty Jean is yours truly, Christy Pelland.


I was born for this gig! From the concept planning to the themed styling, every aspect of the Sweet Betty Jean experience comes from what I love to do. Being a creative started years ago, from private art lessons to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pacific Lutheran University, I’ve always sought out different ways to express my creativity and desire to connect with others. Sweet Betty Jean takes it all to a whole new level.


I have developed a unique style, which combines skills from all area of the arts. Image making has always been one of my most prominent strengths, which is being able to take an image and turn it into something incredible with the use of any material at hand. That skill combined with the use of today’s most advanced digital technology allows me to construct whatever my imagination generates which in this case is zesty, zesty pinups!


An education in the arts taught me many things but it’s the wisdom I’ve gained through life’s experiences that has made me into the storyteller, artist and woman I am today. It all started with a decision to follow my heart when my best friend and high school sweetheart asked me to marry him. We were quite young and this by no means fit into my life plan, I was faced with choosing the solid path over the unknown. I truly followed my heart and have never looked back. When it’s right, you know it and that’s been the back bone of many of the turning points in my life.


I can honestly say I do what I love – in every facet of my life. From my career which is showcased here to the life I lead with my growing family which currently consists of my husband, Shaun, two daughters, Reese & Harper, two Boston Terriers, Tony & Dozer and a Doodle Dane named Wilson. Each day is an adventure and brings new dimension to who I am and purpose to what I do.

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